Autospray Systems Inc. offers a wide range of services:
plate Stainless steel piping systems (Passivated and any size)

tubing tubing tubing tubing tubing
kitchen modules Installation of paint modules for paint kitchens and solvent recovery systems

kitchen modules kitchen modules solvent recovery solvent recovery cap cleaner


2 k and 1k equipment installation and set-up


robots Project System Integrator for ABB robotics

robots robots


Other Services
Electrical services for all robotics and paint equipment
Pneumatic hook-ups for any type of equipment
Gun, wash stations for robotics and manual spray - all brands all process piping
Compressd air, water, chemical
Breathing air installation
Suppliers of stainless steel tanks
Solvent recovery systems flushing
Systems programming of robotics and mixing equipment
Washer process
Piping sludge removal
Systems installation training

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