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Controller Software

Is a family of software products from ABB designed to make you more productive and lower your cost of owning and operating a robot.

ABB has invested many man-years into the development of these products and they represent knowledge and experience based on serveral thousand robot installations.
Within the RobotWare family there are three classes of products – BaseWare OS, BaseWare Options and ProcessWare.


These products are designed for specific process applications like welding, gluing and painting. They are primarily designed to improve the process result and to simplify installation and programming of applications. These products also run on top of BaseWare OS.


PaintWare comprises a large number of dedicated painting functions which make the robot well suited for painting and coating operations. It is powerful, yet simple since both the robot positioning and the paint events are handled in one and the same instruction. All phases of the paint process are controlled, such as start, change, and stop painting, due to trig plane events.

PaintWare is only available with painting robots.


Base Ware Brochure.


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